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Lacey Daunt

lacey daunt

Online entreprenuer, multiple six figure business owner, world traveler

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Lacey Daunt

Lacey Daunt

Online Entrepreneur, Multiple Six Figure Business Owner, World Traveler

what we’ll be sharing on the webclass:

  • SECRET 1: How to find a high ticket product that you align with and also pays big commissions
  • SECRET 2: How exactly to sell your product 24/7 from anywhere in the world using online automation
  • SECRET 3: How to master free/organic and paid advertising so you can get paid while you sleep (or travel!)
  • BONUS 1: Where to find a community of passionate business owners, and like-minded individuals here to rally behind you, support you, and celebrate your wins!
  • BONUS 2: Risk-free trial of the same online education platform and high-converting offers that we used to launch our freedom businesses!

what recent webclass attendees have to say:

diana n.
california & germany
dylan and sam
new york
mollie m.
austin, texas